The Shell Reef limestone is a natural stone with an even white background and big embedded fossils. This material is extracted from a quarry in Novelda (Alicante), in South-East Spain, by the Mediterranean coast. The fossilized shells covering the surface are the defining element that give this rock its high aesthethic value. Those details make each piece of Shell Reef stone unique and special. There are many different finishes, but the most effective are the ones that add an aged effect, given that they make the fossil patterns stand out, which makes the stone itself more ornamental.

Shell Reef, very resistant

The Shell Reef limestone is very resistant against most weather conditions and it’s also flexible and durable, making it one of the most present stones in the market as a luxury product. Another perk of this material is the homogeneity of its finish, that prevents the appearance of little gaps where dirt could gather. This also prevents mold in exteriors.

If we also take into account the fact that this rock doesn’t heat up easily we may have found the perfect material to use on fireplaces, swimming pools, patios, urban amenities and, in general, on any interior or exterior project where we want a durable, stable and one-of-a-kind construction.

Shell reef brushed limestone - Stone Cross

The Shell Reef brushed limestone, pure elegance

The Shell Reef natural stone is also commonly used in projects where we want to achieve a handmade or traditional look, and in old buildings renovations, given that the stone’s naturally elegant appearance matches vintage or classic styles to the point where it looks like it was originally there. This material goes especially well on sculptures and columns, making them stand out. If you’re thinking about using the Shell Reef limestone or any other product from our catalog, at Stone Cross we are experts in natural stone treatments, maintenance and design. Get in touch with us and ask for a budget for your next natural stone project.

The embedded shell fossils give the stone a maritine style that it’s making it really popular in touristy, coastal places, like Miami, where it’s currently trendy to renovate hotels using this material. In Cancun and other Caribbean places the use of the Shell Reef stone is also increasing, especially in to build walls. Furthermore, the fact that it can stand high temperatures without getting warm it’s a nice perk because it will keep rooms comfortably cool in the summer. Also, as we have already mentioned, this material is very resistant and hardly ever cracks.

We can’t forget that the Sheel Reef limestone is a very exclusive product, which it’s why it’s normally used in luxurious constructions, buildings with a high historic value or in specific areas, but it’s not commercialized on a large scale because its price can be very high.

At Stone Cross we work professionally and meticulously to create high quality architectural projects with natural stone.

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