The Paloma honed limestone is a limestone type rock made up of 99%  calcite and 1% of other minerals like oxide and quartz. Such an homogeneous composition allows the material to have en even look, without patterns, and makes it very versatile and adaptable to every design.

This natural stone can also be called white paloma limestone, snow white limestone, paloma stone or capri, even though capri can actually be considered another type of stone given that its color is different, less white, and also has different porosity. Unlike marble, the paloma limestone forms in a way that results in interparticle pores, which brings a simple, sober style to the rock and also makes it have less reflection. The white color that the paloma honed stone usually has varies depending on several factors. For this reason we have a range of white shades from which we can choose, going from ivory and pastel hues to creamier ones.

The paloma limestone is mainly extracted in Andalusia, which is why its price can be lower in the South of Spain. Most quarries and companies dealing with this product are located in the Málaga and Sevilla provinces. When it’s raw this natural stone is used in exterior spaces, althougth we can also have it polished to add more shine or even with an ageing treatment to achieve a vintage or classic style that will also make the texture stand out. The stone can also be bush hammered to add a sort of pattern or motive on its surface and obtain different textures and looks.

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Honed Limestone

Among the different treatments that we can apply to this natural stone, honed is the one that stands out the most. This treatment can be a really interesting option for porous materials that don’t have much shine and it’s applied with a machine equipped with different heads, each one applying abrasions with different granulometries while spinning.

This process’s purpose is to scour or smooth the stone without resulting in a shine that, because of the material’s qualities, wouldn’t be too noticeable anyway. The result is an even surface that still maintains the rock’s porous nature with a blush white color. That shade brings clarity, warmth, simplicity and quality to the materials that make up the ambiance. Constructions that include paloma limestone usually try to create spaces with a somber feel, staying unnoticed and allowing us to enjoy the exclusive ambiance  without stealing the spotlight from other elements like th architecture or the furniture. This natural stone is also a more affordable option compared to other less discreet and more popular materials. It has been gaining followers for quite a while now and we see it more often in luxurious architecture and interior design. The paloma honed limestone is specially good to create pleasant and comfortable looking rooms and can be used in floors, walls, counters and even façades or exterior elements.

This stone is also perfect to combine it with steel, glass, wood, aluminium….The paloma honed limestone is a very versatile material with which we can achieve any look we want for our space. Its great aesthetic versatility is one of the reasons why it’s becoming so popular all over the world and why professionals are finding new ways to incorporate it to their projects with different uses.

Architects, engineers and designers are slowly giving into all the possibilities this product has to offer and that will surely please and satisfy anyone who appreciates exclusive designs and high quality materials.

The paloma honed limestone is also commonly used in public buildings and facilities because of its affordable price, easy maintenance and the fact that it conceals dirt. All of this makes it a very practical material to line any surface or space. We could say that the paloma limestone is the most versatile, practical and easily manipulated white stone there is in the market right now, specially suitable for the kind of construction and decorating that we choose nowadays.

The pure white color of its composition looks elegant, and when polished it also attains a shiny and soft looking finish. Furthermore, the paloma honed limestone color brings warmth, amplitude and sophistication to any room while also making it seem bigger. This means that the stone can work very well on small spaces where we still want to feel comfortable.

The endless possibilities offered by this natural stone mean that we can find it anywhere in a private home or in any other building: in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, façades, exteriors…The paloma honed limestone is reasonably priced as well as elegant and versatile in its many versions depending on the type of finishing or treatment that we choose to apply, allowing us top lay with its textures and appearances.

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