Yellow onyx, or simply onyx, is an oxide type material originating from the accumulation of volcanic gases. It is considered a semi precios Stone, which is why its use in construction is destined for exclusive and luxurious spaces to add a touch of opulence and exclusivity. This material is very valued by decoration professionals and architects because of its great beauty. One of its most liked feautures is that it’s the only translucent natural stone and is therefore able to create a movie-like atmosphere from which you won’t be able to take your eyes away.

There are four main onyx varieties: green, white, red and yellow, although we could actually identify many more among the different smaller varieties, based on color and treatment. However, this material gives off a really exclusive image given that it has a natural origin that makes every piece unique in color and in its surface traces. It is commonly used in jewellery making and interior decoration for these same reasons and qualities.

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Onyx constructions

Onyx is catalogued as the best precious stone  to use in interior design because of its special beauty and translucent surface. This allows the stone to change tones depending on the light’s intensity and color. No wonder onyx has become so popular. Currently, its use is growing as a decorative element in interior design, adding it to picture windows, partitions, bathroom sinks and baths and even towel racks.

Another important feature are the beautiful veins printed on the onyx stone, which add the perfect final touch and are also one of the main reasons why this material is so popular. The different colors intermingling on its sides range from cream tones to almost purple ones, with an exquisite chromatic variety in between that  goes perfctly with any luxurious space.

The onyx’s stone properties suit the most exclusive rooms and the most important places where the esthetic plays an important. To list some examples, its use is very common in five star hotels, big companies’ conference rooms, boutiques, exclusive restaurants, state-of-the-art spaces and in general in places where the ambiance is very appealing. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that this stone is also delicate and requires spcific care. It must be dusted regularly with a special method and sharp objects must be kept away given that they could scratch the onyx’s surface.

Onyx extraction

Mexico is the world’s biggest onyx producer, and there we can find the largest deposit in the Amercan continent, located in the Comarca Lagunera, in the Durango state. The other main onyx producing countries are Argentina, Brazil, China, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. Acorrding to the Strunz classification onyx is a class four mineral and therefore considered a semi precious stone, although according to the International Mineralogical Association this stone’s true nature belongs to the agate or chalcedony varieties based because of its silica composition.

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