Marble is a material that is an element of distinction in any construction. Although its best-known variety is garnet, or even black, there’s more to marble than that aggressive color. These varieties may have lost popularity are now less used due to their striking chromatic impact that can be perceived as a sign of opulence and ostentation. At a time when interior spaces tend to be diaphanous to amplify the feeling of spaciousness, furniture has also become minimalist. A style that requires spaces to be endowed with discreet and simple materials, but also with quality, elegance and design. This is by definition the description of white Macael’s marble. Although it is becoming more and more known in the field of decoration, this type of marble is still unknown to many of the professionals in the sector when it comes to its application to interior spaces. Almost the entire southeast of Spain is an immense quarry of this product and very few know the true origin of what we could rightly call a precious stone.
This material is named after the town from which it is extracted, located in the province of Almeria, in the Sierra de los Filabres. The material has been considered so precious that it has come to be called “white gold”. And with good reason, since it has been an important economic engine for the region since the year 2.700 a.C. But this material is mainly known today for its versatility to decorate public and private spaces, a trend that will undoubtedly multiply in a few years by the high quality of the Almeria metamorphic rock modality that we know as marble.
White Macael marble is a luminous stone with a characteristic brightness due to its composition characterized by the high degree of crystallization of its components. Formed by 83% calcite, 16% dolomite and 1% muscovite, white Macael marble brings tremendous luminosity to any ambiance thanks to its radiant white color. It is rarely polychrome, so the few grey or blue pigments it may have do not fog up the impeccable whiteness of the material.
Macael marble - Stone Cross
The brilliant white of the stone gives the rooms more clarity but also creates diaphanous atmospheres with a greater sensation of amplitude. However, it is also an ideal element to include in smaller pieces, such as steps on stairs or low shelves so that, in addition to what is placed on the shelf, the marble itself is a unique piece to stop and look at.
Although white Macael marble has other versions like grey and yellow, white is the element most in tune with current trends in decoration for domestic or urban spaces. Used in minimalist, Zen or Nordic environments, it combines perfectly with light woods or in contrast with completely black or dark materials. Very suitable also for common spaces inside a house such as corridors, the entrance or the living room, or even for the common spaces in an apartment building.
Macael marble can also be used for marketing and commercial purposes, like in window stores, inside the stores itself or anywhere else where customers might see it and notice the sophistication it adds to the place. In addition, its impeccable white color makes any product stand out. The space containing this material will be clearly identified with luxury, sobriety, elegance and distinction.

White Macael marble: aquatic environments

As well as being ideal for bathrooms and toilets, as we previously mentioned, it is a very suitable material for showers and bathtubs. The radiant white and minimal drawing of the Macael stone makes the drops of wastewater go unnoticed and thus increase the feeling of cleanliness. Reserved only for those who can afford this touch of distinction, it’s an option to be taken into account to achieve a differentiating result in the most exclusive sense. It is also highly recommended for swimming pools.

A history of luxury and culture

The use of white Macael marble is once again fashionable in today’s decorating trends, but it is by no means a new. Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs marketed and used it in the arts and decoration of each era. This material is very present in the Alhambra of Granada, a magnificent Arabic palace that Macael marble in the 124 columns that make up the Patio of the Lions, perhaps the most significant point of this universal patrimony of human civilization.
We also find it in elements of the Cathedral of Granada and in the Monument to the Constitution in Madrid. That is why being able to build or decorate with this material means providing the desired space with a touch of art, history and exclusivity of which few spaces can boast.

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