This natural stone is highly appreciated for its presence and strength. Its main function is to embellish any room as well as to protect it against blows and adverse weather conditions. It has even been tested with ice with extraordinary results.

The Gascoigne beige limestone rock can have many names. The main ones are moleanos of medium grain, gascoigne creme, gascoigne cream, gascoigne bege, gascoigne beige, moleanos cream, vidraço moleanos and moleanos rijo. This variety of names is due to the fact that there is no specific translation, so each company translates the words freely, depending on how they think their customers will understand it better.

Leaving morphology aside, this material in light shades ranging from white to greyish has a series of irregular black dots that make it special. In fact, they are small fossils of shells embedded in its surface in the shape of scattered brown veins, which give an exclusive atmosphere to any construction.

Gacoigne beige limestone - Stone Cross

Unique Moleans

This appearance is the result of millions of years of creation by nature for this material to acquire a unique ornament. Occasionally, this mottling may appear in a bluish grey tone, or even a combination of both. Blue is usually much less common, as it is found in the same place as the extraction, but it is only created in very dispersed and uncontrollable areas, so its price is much higher.
The extraction of this type of limestone takes place almost entirely in the area of the city of Moleanos, in Portugal, from where it gets one of its names. The industry in charge of this rock has been extracting it for less than 70 years. Today there are five quarries in operation in this area, near the Natural Park of La Serra d’Aires and Candeeiros, in central Portugal. The problem is that the expansion of these workplaces is very limited, so it gives a higher value to any construction that is made with this material because the raw material is very scarce.

Gascoigne Beige Limestone, as a synonym for resistance

The main appeal of this rock, leaving the elegant design of its faces aside, is its resistance. The Gascoigne Beige Limestone has a great hardness due to its density, it does not wear easily and, thanks to its low absorbency, it is able to withstand the most adverse atmospheric conditions, even snow. Its degree of absorption varies between 0.5% and 2.8%, but in general they are very low values. The customer must be careful because they sometimes offer this type of natural stone on the market and it is a variant whose degree of absorption is even higher than 10%.

Moleans for construction

All the qualities of this type of limestone are to blame for its great presence in the market, both to embellish certain rooms and in places where a protective material is required. For example, its use is very common in outdoor flooring, as well as in other areas that have to endure continuous use. Depending on its location, it can be given different finishes, such as bush-hammering, honing, sandblasting, brushing, flaming, polishing and ageing. In exterior and interior architecture it is very common and, mixed with other limestones, in coverings and pavements. Architects often use Moleans for luxury buildings because their natural aesthetics give them a special touch. Specifically, in the United States and the United Kingdom the Gascoigne limestone is regularly used.

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