There is a wide range of different white marbles available in the market, one for every setting and style, and all of them are elegant and classy. Their veins and patterns can be faded, contrast agaist each other or even be practically non-existent. Depending on the space where we intend to put it one type of marble could be more suitable than other, even though they all are top quality products. One of the most daring marble varieties is the Calacatta marble. This marble is white and has a great contrast between its white and grey areas, which gives it a unique look.

The Calacatta marble is perfect to combine with mirrors to make it look deeper, and it also goes well with matte black colored stones, metalic objects, glass and porcelain. The marble’s patterns give us the possibility to play with its contrast against other elements and materials, but also works very well on its own in a single space. An entire room equipped with Calacatta marble can have an astonishing and unique appearance. The use of this stone is usually reserved for spaces where there isn’t going to be much furniture or decoration. It is important to make sure that the Calacatta’s patterns stand out so people can enjoy it, whether it’s in a private residence or commercial building.

This marble’s looks give a spacious, fresh and clean feeling, which makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, like in kitchen counters, walls, floors or even covering a piece of furniture. Furthermore, it can also make a room seem more relaxing, which is why it’s commonly used in showers.

Calacatta marble - Stone Cross

Calacatta Marble and its varieties

The Calacatta marble’s high quality is so obvious that there are even products imitating it. These materials are not actual natural stones but mere imitations, reason why their prices are lower. However, in spite of there being cheaper options, one cannot resist the quality of the Calacatta marble, which even has another variety perfect to use on spaces where we are looking for a warmer or cozier ambiance. This variety is called Calacatta gold marble. It has golden, yellow, amber, brown and red highlights that stand out against the white background and create a complitetely different style. It’s ideal for living and dining rooms, halls or even kitchens, it all depends on the style that the client is going for. This mixture of colors also allows us to have a more extravagant interior deisgn, with more decorative elements, not as minimalistic as with Calacatta marble.

Going back to traditional Calacatta marble (white with grey veins), there is another modern and fun way to use this natural stone. We can cut the marble in small square slabs and place them randomly, without a particular order, to add a special and distinctive touch to a wall. This style it’s mainly used in showers and bathrooms and strays away from the classic and tidy aesthetic of the marble, but at the same time keeps an even and harmonious style. This combination is commonly used in counters, kitchen walls, showers….This technique shows great versatility and it’s becoming more popular among those who like to add this top quality product to their homes.

The Calacatta marble is usually polished, given that it’s the best treatment to ensure its maximum shine, specially with a highly crystallized material like marble.

Calacatta marble’s unique shine

The most important precaution we must take with this material is making sure we keep its shine, which it’s not too difficult given that the stone is naturally shiny. In spite of the Calacatta marble’s great quality, its care it’s not complicated nor arduous. We just need water and neutral soap to have our marble floors, counters, walls or sinks looking brand new again. The use of harsher cleaning products during extended periods of time could cause chemical reactions that could permanently damage the stone. When it comes to marble is better to keep it simple and just be careful not to spill any chemical products on it. If a stain doesn’t go away we can just use a cloth wet with vinegar. However, it is also recommended to have the Calacatta marble polished once or twice per year, otherwise the stone will keep its veins and patterns but will gradually loose its shine.

A Hard Natural Stone

Among all the different marble varieties, this one is particularly hard thanks to its composition. It’s one of the marbles with the lowest porosity, which makes it more resistant to any possible elements or factors that may damage it. However, as we have previously noted, Calacatta marble can be damaged when in contact with chemical elements and products, and we must avoid their exposure to the natural stone for long periods of time. Even if it’s one of the most resistant marbles, it still is a natural stone, a material that brings luxury and class to any room, but that must also be taken care of.

Furthermore, being a hard type of marble doen’t mean it’s necessarily the best option to decorate exteriors. In this case, we would have to give up its shine, which would slowly disappear with time, to put it on a façade or in any other place with a different cleaning access. The Calacatta marble would only work well in buildings with just one or two stories, making its maintenance easier.

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