The Albi Limestone has a pretty even cream white color, commonly used to line façades because of its resistence to harsh weather conditions and because of its natural beauty that adds a timeless look to any bulding or construction.

The Albi Limestone is a natural easthetic wonder, sometimes even used to make sculptures and other ornamental elements to decorate the most select places. It usually has a white color with grey undertones that it’s normally even, with hardly any veins or pores but with some visible fossils. The presence and amount of fossils in the stone depends mainly on the location of the mineral deposit. These natural stones are known for their exclusivity, given that each piece has taken thousands of years to form and is completely unique. It’s formation depends entirely on the atmospheric factors that erode the rock throughout the years.

Crema albi limestone -Stone Cross

Albi Limestone in Construction

Without forgetting about the touch of exclusivity that the Albi limestone provides to any construction, this type of material in very light tones and with little chromatic differences adds a timeless look and elegance to a building’s exterior. This rock is not always used to line construction exteriors, but its use it’s fairly common to embellish and protect façades from natural disasters. Nevertheless, this material isn’t specially resistant to strong blows, as they can cause imperfections. Therefore it’s not normally used on floors or other surfaces exposed to potential damage. If you need any help carrying out your project with natural stone, at Stone Cross we are specialists on its care and design and we can provide the best advice and management based on your idea.

Besides the beauty that it brings to any building’s exterior thanks to its colors of unique attraction and its subtle matte touch, the Albi limestone leaves the wall perfectly isolated and maintains temperatura, which results in saving on your power bill. Therefore, this material offers a style with the perfect balance between classic and avant-garde, less power bill top ay and the satisfaction of knowwing that we’re helping the environment avoiding wasting energetic resources.

The Albi limestone is less used in interiors, but with the proper treatments it can also have a great aesthetic effect, providing brightness to any room thanks to its soft tones and beautiful fossil details. This way it will make any room look bigger and more spacious. Depending on the treatment applied to the rock Albi stone could even be used as the material surrounding a swimmimg pool to prevent slipping.

Different treatments for the Albi limestone

Depending on the purpose of the material and the place where we want to put it, certain treatments must be applied to the Albi stone. For example, as we just mentioned, one of the treatments is used to make the surface of the stone non slippery, making it perfect to surround swimming pools or other places near the water. Other treatments are applied to give the Albi limestone an older, more distressed effect or quarry faced.

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