Natural Stone Takes Over Miami

Natural Stone in Miami Residence - Stone Cross

Luxury, comfort and design are all essential qualities in any luxurious place anywhere in the world. When the three combine, the richest cities in the world come up in our imaginary, and one of them is Miami, one of the most iconic coastal cities. This city located in the southern east coast of Florida has a high purchasing power, quality of life and nice, almost tropical weather. All of this has positively influenced its architecture and landscaping, with a tendency towards avant-garde constructions displaying all their exterior styles and possibilities. Natural Stone Miami.

Natural stone is becoming an essential material to build façades in Miami, joining good taste, high quality materials and an almost endless range of options.

Natural Stone Ventures Out

As strange as it may sound, the most luxurious materials are not only found inside private homes and commercial buildings, but also on the outside, facing potential wear and damages from being exposed to harsh weather conditions, pollution and other factors that cause erosion. However, most natural stones happen to be very resistant and fairly easy to clean and to keep.

In these exclusive villas, many of them located in upscale residential areas, design swimming pools are quite common. Natural stone has pushed traditional pool tiles aside and we can now find swimming pools with different types of white marble and porcelain details. Among many other things, this type of material can also be used to build islands or waterfalls inside our pool, or to give it a different style, more natural, industrial or artifical.

But pools are not the only exterior place where we can add natural stone. If we want to make our yard, driveway/entrace or patio more sophisticated there are different elements we can alter with natural stone, like the stone paths that go from the outside to the actual house, exterior stairs or like the flower beds adding desing and structure where plants are usually the main focus. Wherever we decide top put some natural stone it will bring nature and modern construction together, as well as give the outside and façade of the bulding a high quality look. Nowadays the use of white marble, Calacatta marble or Caen stone brings us back to the origins of luxury and aesthetics.

Natural Stone on Commercial Buildings

If you think that natural stone is only used in private homes or residential constructions you are mistaking. Natural stones stand out in commercial and public buildings even more than in private ones, as they gather art, distinction and quality in a setting were more people can enjoy it. That is the case with offices and business-related buldings, where we see this type of material more and more in their façades, helping current clients and potential ones tell them apart from their less glamorous competitors and making them easily recognizable for their image and aesthetic. Natural stone becomes therefore the visible face of the of a business, projecting and image of exclusiveness, pleasantness and warmth that draws you in. We see this in restaurants and leisure establishements that choose to add natural stone to their façades and exterior elements.

Depending on each person’s taste and on the sensations the business wants to transmit, the possibilities can be endless, espcially considering Miami has some exclusive, rich areas. This means that the budget is usually not a problem and a big part of it goes to these type of investments, aiming for a modern and avant-garde image.

Natural Stone Projects on the Rise

The rise of custom-made natural stone projects is a reality. At Stone Cross we are experts on the field with over 20 years of experience working with these exclusive materials and with innovative finishes. Miami is the international architecture and design hub where professionals experiment with new ideas that will most likely turn into popular trends. To achieve a bold, daring and surprising design you need materials able to adapt to its needs. White some natural stones are known for their resistance and hardness, others are known for their capacity to mold into different shapes and for their high porosity. In these two types of stone we find natural flexible stones, characterized by their lightness and because they are easily placed. They are perfect for modern architecture given that they suit big spaces and curved facings, structures that cannot be covered by all natural stones because they wouldn’t mold properly.

Miami Sets the Trend

Even though it may seem like it’s very far away from us, in both terms of distance and high quality of life, Miami will surely be setting the trends in design for the foreseeable future. Like it happens in Paris and New York with fashion or in Frankfurt with automobiles, in architecture and design we sometimes see ideas that are too extravagant  or avant-garde and that won’t be useful ot won’t adapt immediately to the currents times, but that will set the aesthetic base to be internalized and developed by designers and architects all over the world.

Whether we choose one style or another, natural stones have come to stay. High-quality materials are gaining popularity, which at the same times helps reduce their costs, as they become easier to find and more accessible to more people.

As a high-quality material, natural stones have always been and will remain a product denoting class, exclusiveness and good taste. A unique material obtained thanks to hundreds of thousand of years of evolution and that we can now enjoy in our day-to-day lifes.

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