Natural Stone Facade: a Luxury for your Home

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Natural Stona Facade Styles

Natural stone is gaining popularity at an ever-increasing speed and the facades of both private homes and commercial or public buildings are being covered by this material, showing a refined and modern look. The style can vary greatly depending on what the building is intended for and where it is located. For example, for the facades of public buildings in urban environments we can use almost any type of natural stone as long as it has a polished and shiny finish. This finish will create reflections that give a feeling of luxury, sobriety and cleanliness to the environment. However, for private buildings or homes, the choice of the materials will depend on the owners’ taste. A more natural and even coarse finish, in which the porosity and living nature of the material is appreciated, can give us the feeling of a warmer and kinder environment. If we want to achieve a warmer or cozy atmosphere we can go for a natural stone with a more natural or even rough finish that will allow us to see the porosity and living nature of its surface. However, we can also play with even, shiny and highly polished textures to obtain a soft looking appearance, commonly seen in luxurious constructions.

A Natural Stone for Every Mood

The natural stone used for facades is chosen with the intention of transmitting a certain feeling to the exterior. Choosing the color already entails going through a wide range of options and even open up another big vatiety of uses. For example, warmer colors such as onyx help us feel relaxed and at home. This stone will be greatly appreciated on the facade of a private house or a public building meant to host people for long periods of time. The Caen stone has similar qualities to a lesser-degree, being closer to a neutral tone but maintaining a certain reminiscence of warmth with pink and yellow hues.

On the other hand, neutral coloured marbles such as the Macael marble or the Calacatta marble reflect purity and a cooler appearance that conveys a sensation of cleanliness and clarity. These facades have the capacty to transmit an sense of tidiness perfect for public spaces where people are not supposed to be too long. If we think about private spaces, the use of these materials suggests, that in addition to a very clean room, we will find a minimalist interior design matching the exterior or leaving the spotlight to another design or style element or feature.

Closer to Nature

“Natural stone”, the name itself already tells us a bit about its origin, but not everything. Natural stone, as opposed to asphalt, is the true natural material from which we also come from. That is why our mind unconsciously identifies natural stone as familiar and friendly and creates an environment in which human beings feel comfortable and make their own habitat. Geology thus returns to a field that for a long time had been taken over by synthetic elements. Undoubtedly natural stone facades help create more familiar urban landscapes and  bring a piece of nature to cities.

In rural areas, a natural stone facade goes along with its surrounding enrionment. The Paloma stone in its less polished and more natural version is a clear example of a stone commonly used in facaed un rural places. It is always an excellent option to bring back this style with high quality materials, depending always, of course, on the designers’ or owners’ taste. This does not mean that it is the only option, as almost any natural stone in its most original version could work too.

Natural stone facades are also very suitable for residential areas and gated communities that aim to create purely residential environments. It is a neutral option in which the design stands out, an alternative for the most luxurious and exclusive constructions. Natural stone facades are also often used to highlight external elements such yards or swimming pools.

Natural stone facades, the latest trend for commercial buildings

Drawing attention is essential to attract an audience. This is why more and more stores and businesses are opting to build their facades with a quality product such as natural stone. The idea is to attract customers by associating the store with a certain image of purity and comfort. Never before has natural stone been so present in our surroundings and this represents a clear increase in the commitment to aesthetics, but also to quality, durable and design materials.

If you are thinking of using natural stone on the exterior or interior of a building, do not hesitate to contact us. At Stone Cross we are experts with over 20 years of experience working with these high quality and unique materials.

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