Canada: an ideal market for natural stone veneer suppliers

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Canada is the second largest country in the world and shares its south border with another global power, the United States. It is also the ninth largest economy in the world, according to Forbes magazine. A country that combines development with respect for its natural environment and enjoys a multicultural population. All of these factors make Canada an export and consumer power of natural stone blocks, and of course an ideal target market for natural stone veneer suppliers.

Due to its geography and geology, Canada produces a great amount of natural stone. Most of the registered quarries are located in southern Quebec. The Canadian natural stone industry is characterized by an immense variety, as wide as its own territory. In addition, this country, having a great appreciation for the finer things, imports the best natural stones from other areas of the world to decorate and protect their homes against the harsh weather. Limestone, granite, onyx, slate, marble, quartzite, sandstone, labradorite, Paloma limestone, soapstone and flagstone are the natural stones with the highest demand in Canada.

Natural stone constructions are very common in Canada which is why there we can find real architectonical works of art. At Stone Cross we work with a variety of natural stone blocks and we carry out large projects all over the world, including in Canada. The natural stone boom in this country is covering the most important buildings and the most luxurious houses from north to south. On the one hand, natural stone blocks provide a robust feel and protection, which is why they are often used as exterior cladding. On the other hand, they bring that natural yet elegant touch that anyone would want for their home.

At Stone Cross we are expert natural stone and natural stone veneer suppliers, and we offer a review of the latest construction trend in Canada.

The Most Popular Natural Stones Used in Construction

Paloma Limestone

The Paloma limestone is a limestone rock that we know well, as we have worked with it as suppliers of natural stone for luxury construction projects in Canada. It has 99% calcite and 1% other minerals such as oxide and quartz. The advantage of this natural stone is that it has such a homogeneous composition that there is hardly any trace of drawing, patterns or veining on its surface, which makes it much easier to manipulate and combine when it comes to design. During the formation of the Paloma limestone, interparticle pores are created, which gives it a sober style with hardly any reflections. Its characteristic white colour varies depending on several factors, allowing us to choose for our projct a Palome stone with a more ivory, pastel or cream tone, without ever leaving the white chromatic range.

Sandstone, a rock more important than  it seems

The sanstone is a sedimentary rock, commonly used in the paving of outdoor areas or commercial buildings. It is also widely used in rural areas as a façade, becoming an unifying element of construction and architectural aesthetics in small towns. After a treatment which consists mainly on polishing the stones, they are ready to take over the design of more commercial and urban environments. One of the most famous buildings in the world, the White House, is actually built with sandstone of a pale grey hue.

Marble from Canada

We should not mistake traditional marble with the so-called “Canadian marbles”. The latter are hard limestone rocks with a prominenent dark color. While marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone, Canadian marbles are the primitive stones from which the marble we all know is formed. The limestones are the most spought-after stones in this country and, at the same time, the most exported.

Calacatta Marble

The range of white marble stones is incredibly wide. Their patterns or veining can be deep or faded. Depending on the space it will be more convenient for us to use one or the other, knowing at all times that we have a first quality material. One of the most elegant and at the same time daring marbles, that is also very trendy in Canda, is the Calacatta marble. In this unique natural stone you can appreciate a great contrast between its grey and white areas. Most natural stone blocks of this type in Canada are intended for mirror areas or places where there are black matt stones, metal objects, glass or porcelain. Calacatta marble offers many possibilities that we can play with, but if the whole room or façade is covered with this material we will achieve a unique space. The use of this stone is usually reserved for spaces with few decorative elements as well as Little furniture. It is important to highlight its veins so the people using or living in the space, whether its a home or a work space, can fully and properly enjoy the Calacatta marble.


Labradorite, a dark rainbow made of stone

Labradorite is a mineral of the silicate family and has quite eye-catching properties. It is used as a decorative stone due to its iridescent effect whoch is also why it’s so appreciated in jewellery and costume jewellery. Its name comes from the region of Labrador in Canada, so we could say it’s a very popular national product.


If you are thinking about using natural stone in a luxury project, whether in Canada, Miami or Spain, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Stone Cross we are experts with over 20 years of experience as natural stone and natural stone venere suppliers.




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